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Real Estate Dreams

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Our Mission

Whitestone is a real estate development & consulting company that has a mission to make your life simpler by helping you navigate the complexities of real estate development from beginning to end, and make your vision come to life efficiently & purposefully.

4 Stages

of Real Estate Management

1: Strategy & Consolidation
We assess the practicality of a proposed project. At this stage, we evaluate the financial, technical, legal and operational feasibility of a project to determine its value and directions. We provide consultations for identifying potential risks and benefits, market research, data analysis and strategic process.
We develop a comprehensive long-term plan for the construction project. At this stage of the strategic process, we outline the project’s scope, goals, objectives, requirements and identify essential resources for executing and completing the project. Our project development plan is a roadmap for managing the project and it binds all stakeholders, collaborators and contractors aligned with the project.
3: Construction
We manage and oversee contracts between the project owner, our clients, contractors and/or subcontractors who are involved in the project. At this stage of construction, we ensure that all participating parties follow the terms and conditions outlined in the contract and that we deliver the project on time and budget to the expected quality standards. This stage involves contract preparation, contract negotiation, monitoring and contract closeout.
4: Closing & Conveyance
We transfer the ownership of the project completely to the project owner. At this final stage of the construction project management, we conduct final inspection and post-construction review to ensure that the project is completed to its promised quality. Additionally, we support our clients in marketing, pre-sell and strata management to smoothly transition their project from investment to development to profit.